Should fish be my dish

If you have lupus you may have heard about the potential benefits of fish oil for lupus.doctors sometimes suggest fatty fish for several autoimmune diseases including lupus rheumatoid arthritis Raynaud’s disease psoriasis and scleroderma.autoimmune diseases are the result of the immune system turning on the body.these conditions involves inflammation or pain or swelling of the joints skin and vital organs.but since they don’t involve infection drugs such as antibiotics usually don’t oil apparently reduces inflammation by substituting for other fats when your body makes makes inflammation generating bioche icals.explains Dr.William Clark MD.professor of medicine at the uni ersity of western. Ontario and a leading researcher of lupus and fish oil.your body normally makes two groups of potentially inflammatory biochemicals prostaglandins and. Leukotrienes busing whatever fats are available.if you eat meats and eggs your body uses a component of fats found in these foods arachidonic acid to make very potent forms of these bioche a.much lesser extent.your body can also. Use corn oil safflower oil and sunflower make these biochemicals if fish is abundant however .your body uses it to produce forms of prostaglandins and leukotrienes that are less .likely to cause inflammation .does fish oil really help control the symptoms of lupus.studies of mice with lupus that were given large amounts of fish oil instead. Of dietary fats show that these diets do help I flammation and improve kidney function and immunity.says Richard sleeping MD.

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